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I haven`t received my confirmation email?

Please check your Spam/Junk folder as they sometimes appear there

Why is my payment/booking not going through?

The most common cause of a failed booking is that the details that you register with Digitickets don`t EXACTLY match those that your card provider holds. Please make sure they are IDENTICAL

When are bookings released?

Bookings are only released a day or two in advance at the beginning of the season. We sometimes add extra time slots on any given day if there is more produce than we estimated. 

What are your Opening Hours?

Usually open 6 days/week Tuesday to Sunday - Closed Mondays

Can I make a booking on arrival?

We cannot process any bookings for you at the entrance, but time-slots are often available on line during quieter days, so you can make a booking on your mobile device at the time. We strongly recommend however that you don`t turn up without a booking during weekends/summer holidays. 

I can no longer go on the day I’ve booked my time-slot, can I change my booking?

Unfortunately no refunds or exchanges can be made once a booking has been made. 

Can I book for a large group?

No, the maximum number of visitors per booking will be up to 6. Strictly no minibuses or coaches are allowed on site. 

It’s raining, can I change my booking for another time?

Farming continues rain or shine; in fact, we love it when the summer rain comes as it helps our crops grow. Come on down with your wellies and a hooded jacket and have fun picking in the rain. If we needed to close temporarily, due to potentially dangerous weather conditions you will be notified and would be refunded.  It is advisable not to book too far ahead if you are concerned about wet weather.



I would like to book for a particular day, but the calendar of the date isn’t letting me click through to it, why?

It might be that the date has sold out, which should be displayed, or time slots have not yet been released. From time to time we will release extra bookings to be available on various time slots, so please keep checking the site.

If a date is not highlighted with a green circle, this is either because the date is in the past, or if the date is in the future it means it hasn’t yet been assigned with the number of bookings allocated against it. We assess the crops on a daily basis, to help us work out how many time-slots to release on any given date.     

Can I turn up with people who aren`t booked in?

Please don`t as you will be dissappointed! Only those on the booking will be permitted to enter.

Can I eat whilst picking in the fields?

You are not allowed to eat our produce until you have paid for it. We also highly reccommend that all produce is washed before consumption. 

What do I use to carry the produce I pick?

We provide containers which you are welcome to re-use (including ones from previous years), but we cannot allow you to use your own containers during the pandemic. Please note you will be charged by gross weight.

Can I pay in cash?

Unfortunately, we no longer accept cash payments. Please pay using a debit or credit card or mobile contactless. Please note, we do not accept American Express.

Is smoking allowed on the farm?

No. Smoking and vaping are not permitted anywhere on the farm.

Can I bring my dog with me?

For health and safety reasons no dogs are permitted in the fields at any time, with the exception of guide dogs. 

How long can I spend on the Farm?

Your Fruit Voucher entitles you to spend a maximum of 2 hours in the fields. 

Note: If booking the last few time-slots please be aware that the farm closes at 5.30pm so ensure you arrive on time to allow enough time to pick and pay on exit. 

If the amount I pick is under the value of my Fruit Voucher, can I have a refund?

The value of your Fruit Voucher will be refunded against the cost of your PYO produce at the tills. This value constitutes our minimum charge per person. If your produce value is lower than your Fruit Voucher value, you forfeit the difference. This value cannot be refunded or transferred.