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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions - Fruit Voucher 

Please read the information below carefully before booking:

1.    There must be a ratio of at least 1 adult (over 18) per 4 children of 12 and under to ensure adequate superision. 

2.    Fruit Voucher sales are restricted to 6 per booking. You can make more than one booking per family provided you fulfil the adult/child ratio above, and make sure that there is an adult on each booking. 

3.    You will need one voucher per person to enter (both adults & children), i.e. a family of two adults & two children will need to purchase 4 vouchers. Babies in prams or strapped to the parent are not chargeable but need to be booked in.

4.    No entry is allowed without a valid fruit voucher purchased in advance via our website.

5.    Please arrive in good time to enter the fields within your allotted 15 minute time slot. You then have a max. of 2 hours to do your picking.

6.   We are unable to guarantee the constant availability of any one fruit (especially strawberries) and it is sometimes necessary to close a crop for PYO at short notice. We will always have alternative fruit available to the value of your voucher.

7.    Customers can use their own containers but these must be weighed before picking.

8.    Please do not eat the fruit as you pick but wash it at home before consuming.

9.  Your fruit voucher is only redeemable against PYO fruit or veg and NOT other items in the shop.

10.  Please make contactless payment wherever possible.

11.  Vouchers are non-refundable or exchangeable, if you miss your slot or are unable to attend for any reason. PYO will still operate on rainy days.

12.  Ground is uneven in places so please wear suitable footwear and take care.

13.  For everyone’s safety, we reserve the right to ask people to leave if they do not abide by the rules. 

14.  Please do not bring your dog to the farm, they are not permitted in the fruit fields.